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October 25, 2007


a. Miccio

Dear Pastor Harmon,

I came across your site in regards to the problems with the zoning department in West Haven. Recently, I came in contact with my own nightmare and it involves the zoning department and their connection to a developer who also serves on the ZBA. The ZBA is approving the development of residential properties by this developer which pushes the variances too close. Meaning the zoning laws are compromised and vague so that the developer can have his profit by building a home that occupies more than 49% of the lots. Meaning, the homes, that were previously on the lots, were torn down to accomodate a new home, but they are twice the size of the original home. The reason why I am mentioning this to you, is because, it seems that variances are approved based on who serves on the board, rather than following the land/ zoning ordinances as they are currently written. So, it seems that there is a problem with whom is approved and those who are denied. PS I was also provided with your lawyers name, Tim Yolen to help me, but I did not contact him as of yet. But good luck, and I can share the frustrations you are going through and hopefully there are more people willing to fight the fight...YOU CAN WIN!!!!
Much respect,
Audra Oliver- Miccio

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