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January 22, 2011


When preparing a lesson plan there are 4 important aspects to consider: preparation, presentation, application, and evaluation. No good instructor would ever teach a lesson without these important concepts. As I sit and meditate on these concepts I realize how often as Christians we fail; due to our lack of preparation. Imagine if we had an exam and did not prepare correctly, or if we had a presentation due at work and did not gather all the information needed for the presentation. Would we succeed or would we fail? How then can we succeed as Christians when we do not take the time to estimate the cost of our decision? Often times we are simply in receiving mode and just go through the motions expecting for God to do something powerful in our lives. The reason many of us have failed is due to the lack of preparation when making decisions. God wants all of us to prepare and calculate what price we are going to pay for following Him. The bible has many references on how difficult this walk is too walk by faith without action will only lead to failure. As Christians we have to understand the price we are paying for our salvation. We have to be ready for the unexpected cost as a result of hidden surprises, and unexpected factors. If gaining eternal life without cost or sacrifice would be achievable what would have been the purpose of Jesus sacrificing Himself on the cross for us. Living a life for Christ means committing your all to Him. By committing ourselves to Christ and continuously evaluating the cost of our commitment this will allow us to be an example to others in their walk with God.

When I wrote the first answer I didn't know the second question would be. Counting the cost mean that whatever the Lord ask us to do, to go and to say. So when we commit our life to Him then we be obeident in what He ask us. It not alway easy to do His will.But I know it the best for us. His grace will be there for us.

I believe we should count the cost of following Jesus, before making a commitment to Him, because He will ask us to do things we won't necessarily want to do. He will lead us to places that our flesh will not want to go. These places will be spiritual, but they may include physical places. We need to consider the fact that may be asked to stand up for Him, at all costs, to make the ultimate sacrifice. I am talking about giving up our very life, on this earth, for his cause. I do believe that being consistenly obedient is a process that we continually grow in. Will we be like Peter and deny Jesus or take courage knowing that we are pleasing our Father in Heaven?

Jesus said, "Go and make disciples of all nations," not converts. It is about more than just saying a prayer, it's about love, God's love through us to others. It's about having a personal relationship with Him. It's about loving our neighbor as ourselves. The cost of not following Jesus is very great for those who don't know Jesus. They are perishing, heading toward the gates of Hell. They are living without righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, the whole time we are not following, being obedient to Jesus. They will not have the opportunity to live a truly abundant life unless they hear about Jesus and see his example of love through each of us as Christians.

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