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February 19, 2011


It may be tough but well worth the sacrafice. Dare I say that we one day may be in the same tribulation as our brothers and sisters in Japan/Haiti/Indonesia and the list goes on and on. Will we still praise the Lord and lift up the name of Jesus once all of our creature comforts are gone? Consecration like prayer and fasting prepares us for the upcomming battles and the ones that are upon us even today. What shall separate us from the love of God? Trials, tribulations, hunger, homelessness, Tsunamis,....

I have to agree that it would be challenging for my flesh...yet my spirit yearns for such an encounter. I would have to make it my business "to hang"...would definitely

Being used to many creature comforts, I am not sure that I could hang. Maybe. I might be tempted to pull out food, an iPod, and a pillow after 2 or three hours. The spirit is willing . . .(you know the rest of that one).

To answer the question: "could I hang?" I could answer and give a deep, religious, and prideful--Yes! But a more honest answer would be that secret church would take some getting used to. however, I must be hungry because, I would love to experience such a time with God and his word

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